3D Artist
- about me

Krisztina Vichnál is a 3D artist and look development specialist based in Budapest, Hungary, with five years of experience in creating stunning 3D visuals.

She specializes in intricate and captivating static images, with a diverse portfolio including automotive visuals, still life compositions, natural landscapes, and interior designs. Krisztina enjoys pushing visual boundaries and exploring both abstract and highly realistic images, aiming to evoke a range of emotions and responses. As a look development specialist, she meticulously refines textures, lighting, and shading to achieve the perfect visual impact.


Porsche 911

3D Art (2023)

36 DOT

3D Art, Typograph

Pershing 8x

3D Art (2023)

Wes Anderson

A Collaboration between Krisztina Vichnál and Cristina La Porta Studio (2021)

Microsoft Teams

Backgrounds (2021)

Back to the 60s

3D Art (2024)


Look & Development (2022)

Ford Bronco

3D Art (2023)

Balanced Still Life

3D Animation & Stills (2021)


THE ANGLE V2 - A Collaboration with Colour (2021)

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